Why I am so Tired after Preaching

Preaching wears me out. I am always so tired on Monday mornings. I am even worse Sunday afternoons. I only preach one service. I can’t imagine preaching 4-5 times the way some pastors do. Good preaching takes all of the pastor’s abilities and energies.

  • Preaching is physically draining. You are projecting your voice, using gestures, standing or walking around.
  • Preaching is mentally draining. You have to be totally focused, speaking clearly, knowing where you are going and remembering your sermon.
  • Preaching is emotional Draining. You have to put your emotions in the sermon, feel the stories and the ideas, and let that emotion be expressed in your voice and in your facial expressions.
  • Spiritually draining – Good preaching means being open to and following the Holy Spirit as well as connecting with your people’s needs, wounds, and challenges.

Some sermons are more draining than others. A difficult text, an emotional topic, or a more animated sermon means the pastor will be more exhausted. It is especially draining when the pastor has a personal story or talks about something that hits close to home in the preacher’s personal life.

Pastors have to learn to take care of themselves. For me, this means resting a lot on Sundays after church, staring Mondays slowly, and not scheduling demanding things for Sundays. When I started preaching regularly I became a huge fan of the NFL. It was a great way for me to rest and relax on Sundays.

For Pastors: What do you do to recover from preaching?

For Church Members: Remember to pray for your pastors.


One thought on “Why I am so Tired after Preaching

  1. I’ve been having weekly Bible studies with Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to show them God’s truth and love and while I’m in the Bible study I have this great amount of energy but after they leave I feel completely exhausted. Our Bible studies usually last around three hours. They almost always talk about how refreshing I am to them and leave as happy as or happier then when they came but I feel so incredibly exhausted and often a bit discouraged for the rest of the day. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way after teaching, thanks for your blog post.

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