What Does a Life of Trust Look Like?

Brennan Manning tells a story that I think captures the kind of radical trust and dependence that God desires of us:

Fourteenth-century theologian and mystic John Tauler prayed for eight years that God would send him a person who would teach him the true way of perfection. One day, while at prayer, he heard a voice from within telling him to go outside to the steps of the church, and there he would meet his mentor. He obeyed without hesitation. On the church steps Tauler found a barefoot ragamuffin in rags, wounded and caked in blood.

Tauler greeted the man cordially: “Good morning, dear brother. May God give you a good day and grant you a happy life.”

“Sir,” replied the ragamuffin, “I do not remember ever having had a bad day.”

Stunned, Tauler asked him how that was possible, since sadness and grief are part of the human condition.

The beggar explained, “You wished me a good day, and I replied that I cannot recall every having spent a bad day. You see, whether my stomach is full or I am famished with hunger, I praise God equally; when I am rebuffed and despised, I still thank god. My trust in God’s providence and his plan for my life is absolute, so there is no such thing as a bad day.”

He continued, “Sir, you also wished me a happy life. I must insist that I am always happy for it would be untruthful to state otherwise. My experience of God has taught me that whatever He does must of necessity be god. Thus, everything that I receive from his loving hand or whatever He permits me to receive from the hands of others—be it prosperity or adversity, sweet or bitter—I accept with joy and see it as a sign of his favor. For many, many years now, my first resolution each morning is to attach myse3lf to nothing but the will of God alone. I have learned that the will of God is the love of God. And by the outpouring of His grace, I have so merged my will with His that whatever He wills, I will too. Therefore, I have always been happy.                                                                                                                            (Ruthless Trust, pg 162)

If you read Matthew 6, you find that Jesus emphasizes this kind of radical daily trust in God.  He wants us not to worry about what we will eat, drink our wear.  I think this position of dependence and trust in God is the thing, more than anything else, that God desires of our response to His love and grace.


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