Timid and Complacent Christianity

We have a timid and complacent Christianity. We work to fly under the radar. Don’t offend anyone. Don’t get labelled as one of those “Jesus Freaks.” Keep your personal views out of your public life.

But if the story is true and Jesus comes back tomorrow then our all posturing and political correctness is going to look very foolish.

Someday I believe I am going to stand before God and answer for my life. I will be asked specifically about the churches I pastor in my life and I am going to have to answer for the way I led my family. I am responsible for those things. I steward those things.

You too will stand before God someday and answer for the things he put in your care.

Did you lead your family in a way that equipped them to find and follow God’s will?
Did you have friendships where you really added strength and grace to others?
Did you go to work every day and try to bring God praise with how hard you worked and what your produced?
Did you steward your money in a way that was wise so that you could be as generous as possible?
Did you make your church a place where people were cared for and God was glorified?
Did you take care of your body as if it really was a temple?
Did you develop your gifts, passions and abilities?
If you had a heart for something did you cultivate that passion into action?

The American church has been in a very comfortable place. We have had the privilege of being the dominant voice. But no more. The world has changed.

The world of tomorrow will demand a more resolute and devoted church. It will require Christians to take seriously the holy task of stewarding their lives. I think this may be jarring for some in our churches.


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