The Mind of Christ: My Craziest Sermon Idea

This past week I preached what my wife assures me is my craziest sermon idea ever.  I pumped it up as the first sermon in which I have ever needed rubber gloves.  I used a REAL COW BRAIN and talked about how modern neuroscience is describing how the brain works.  My thesis is that if Christ was the perfect human being then Jesus must have used His brain perfect.  Since Paul tells us that we now have the mind of Christ, then we need to change our thinking as well.  This means we should be more creative, playful, and rightly emotional.

Humorously, the iPhone I was recording the video on fell over a couple of minutes in.  Thankfully, a fast thinking member fixed it.  I couldn’t edit it out and though it was funny so I left it in the recording.  Enjoy.

For an audio, listen here:


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