The Art of Caring without Caring

For Advent I have been reading Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent by Richard Rohr.  It is has been really helpful for me, but a paragraph from the book yesterday really got to me:

“Can we care intensely and passionately and not care at all in the same moment?  If we are seeking God’s will and not our own, it comes somewhat easily.  We do the best we can, but we are detached from any need for personal success or response.  We can then care and not care in the same moment.  That is true spiritual freedom.”  (pg 48)

Rohr says this comes “somewhat easily.”  It does not for me.  I want to be responsible for the work and responsible for the results.  This especially hits me as the pressure of the holidays builds.  I want to have good sermons, engaging worship, and a welcoming demeanor because I want to have my best foot and the church’s best foot forward for guests at Christmastime.  This is also the end of the year and we are looking closely at where our finances are going to end up for the year.  How do you care about something so much that you put your all into it and at the same time give your trust to God for the results?  I think this is very hard to do, but I think Rohr is right.  There is great freedom in finding that balance.


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