But the Light Fades- A Lesson from Thomas R. Kelly

I read this quote in A Testament of Devotion by Thomas R. Kelly today, and it really moved me:

But the light fades, the will weakens, the humdrum returns. Can we stay this fading? No, nor should we try, for we must learn the disciplines of His will, and pass beyond this first lesson of His Grace. But the Eternal Inward Light does not die when ecstasy dies, nor exist only intermittently, with the flickering of our psychic states. Continuously renewed immediacy, not receding memory of the Divine Touch, lies at the base of religious living. (pg 5)

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Sentences for Pastors to Finish

I am probably contemplative and analytical to a fault.  Here are some things that I sometimes think about as I try to analyze my life and ministry.  They are sentences to be competed.

I want my legacy as a pastor to be _________

More than anything I want my kids to grow up and know_________

I would describe my relationship with my spouse right now as __________

The people that I am most investing in right now are__________

If my church suddenly get a surge of money, I would immediately _____________

The number 1 strength of my church is _______________

If I had 10 more hours in my week I would ________________

I am being most challenged in my life to ________________

In the last year my theology has grown most in the area of ________________

My personal devotional life right now is ____________________