Speaking and Keynotes

Jordan has spoken and preached at a number of events and can come speak at yours.

Jordan PicturePreaching–  Jordan preaches weekly at his own church, but can be available to preach at events and churches.

Teaching– Jordan can give talks on call to ministry, the work of the pastor, Christian living, church turnarounds, cultural changes in our world, ect.

Experiential Education Training– Jordan has done a number of workshops and trainings for challenge course staffs and at experiential education conferences.  He specializes facilitating from a Christian perspective, expanding your game possibilities, sequencing experiential education, team dynamics, and processing.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF KEYNOTE– Jordan is also available for experiential keynotes.  Rather than just didactic teaching, Jordan can get your group up and moving.  The group will not just learn from listening, but will actually get to experience the lesson.  This can be done over pews or tables, in a field or in a gymnasium.  This can include some didactic teaching or be totally active.  Part of the experience is done is small groups.  Some activities involve the entire group.  This can be done with small groups as well as large conferences.  Topics covered can include teamwork, Christian community, living in grace and truth, changing culture, and others.  Here are two examples.

Staff day for a hotel/restaurant company– During an annual training event for a restaurant and hotel company, Jordan was asked to come in and lead some games for the group.  Around 80 people gathered in a conference room.  After some initial business training and award, Jordan and his team moved the tables in the room and started a series of games.  The general focus, besides just having fun, was to deal with communication and idea sharing between departments and individual companies.  For 2 hours Jordan led activities that had the groups moving, communicating, and working together.

Keynote for a leadership training event– Jordan and his father Jim were brought in for a training day for a health care provider.  The keynote was focused on the changing world that we live in and how it is changing the nursing home industry.  Jim and Jordan went back and forth.  Jim would teach on postmodernism and the move away from enlightenment thinking.  Jordan would then lead an activity to highlight an aspect of what Jim was teaching.  The keynote got very good feedback.

Culture change for a cellular company- A cellular company was struggling with conflict between departments in the company.  Information was not being shared effectively or efficiently.  Different groups within the company acted as individual silos.  Jordan and Jim were brought in to do some team building games.  The challenge with this particular workshop was that the room was tiered desks and rather small.  The 2 hour experience was designed around these desks to get the groups working together.  It also included small groups needing to coordinate and share information with other small groups.


To schedule Jordan for your event or to ask more questions, email jordanrimmer@hotmail.com.

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