Parables are Challenging my Simple

I have been preaching the parables in the second half of the summer. These have not been easy sermons to preach. This past week I preached the parable of the tenacious widow and the unjust judge from Luke 18:1-8. You can listen to it HERE. If you have never heard of it then I am not surprised. I seriously doubt if you have ever heard a sermon about it.

The challenge with this parable is not understanding the story. It is, like most of the parables, a very simple story. The challenge is that Luke gives an intro to the parable that says the parable is about prayer and not losing heart but then after the parable Jesus teaches about stuff unrelated to prayer or not losing heart. What does the parable mean? How do we apply it to our lives?

But the challenge of understanding the parables is only a surface issue. The real issue with the parables is actually about you and I want our lives to beā€”SIMPLE. I think things simple. I like 3 point sermons with one clear challenge at the end.

But the Bible is rarely simple. Life is rarely simple. If you can highlight the meaning of a parable or a life event in a neat and tidy sentence then you have probably missed the real meaning. Parables are meant to grab you and stick with you. You have to wrestle with them. The can still be teaching you things a long time later. Life is the same way.



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