New Metrics for the Church

The church has measured itself for years on “nickels and noses.” What is your attendance and how big is your budget? These are not great indicators of church health. I know big and wealthy churches that are not very faithful to the Gospel. I know small and struggling churches that are very faithful to the Gospel.

This got me thinking: if finances and attendance are not good indicators of church health, then what metrics can we use? These are very unscientific and need to be evaluated alongside of the usual metrics. Here are some questions that a church can use to think through their effectiveness.

  • How have individual congregants show spiritual growth in the last year?
  • When someone in the church gets sick or is in the hospital, how many church members respond with visits or cards?
  • How many meals did your church share together last year and how deep was the conversation at those meals?
  • Can you tell a story that exemplifies the essence of God’s call for your ministry from the last 6 months?
  • How many non-Christians did you interact with last year?
  • How is your community better because your church is in it?
  • How many church members have shared a meal with their neighbors this summer?
  • If someone asked a person in the community that does not go to your church where it was and what it was like, what response would they get?
  • How many things did your church try and fail at in the last year? How can you try things so that you fail more in the coming year?

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