I have been wrestling with shingles for a couple weeks now.  It has been quite annoying.  I am in a lot of pain if unmedicated and itchy and groggy.  I feel like I have been a zombie for couple weeks–sleeping a lot with small windows of relative productivity.

It can be quite draining to live with constant pain.  Mine is not as bad as other cases of shingles, but it still hurts a lot.  I work with people who have chronic pain a lot in my church, but I am now much more sympathetic to their plight.

What I really need to do is stop and rest.  This is going to be a long process. But I don’t want to.  I want to keep working.  I want to be productive.  I want to be moving on something.  I hate standing still.

Why is rest so hard to do?  Why is true Sabbath so foreign to us?  Why do I want to go, go, go?  Does our culture obsess with work and see rest as laziness?  Yes.  Is there something about myself that I don’t want consider?  Probably.  Do I base my self-worth in my productivity and importance?  Too much.  Perhaps it is just bad habits.  Or personality quirks.

Whatever the reason the plain truth that I am being forced to learn is that I need to rest.  I can’t do anything else.


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