Little Leaders

I enjoy going to leadership conferences, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and reading books on leadership.  These all encourage leaders to have big dreams and strive to accomplish them.  Even the Christian resources encourage big things from leaders–so big that God has to show up and make the dream possible.  I agree with these things.  I want to be a leader that accomplishes big things for God.

But my focus recently has been on becoming a “little leader.”  I want to be a leader that does the little things.  I want to be a leader who finds God’s will in the daily grind.  I want to be a leader that inches daily towards the goals and plans that God has for me.  As Brian Tracy says” “By the yard it is hard but by the inch its a cinch.”

For me as a pastor, this means that I try to make the calls and the visits that I need to. I follow through on what I say we do.  I try to send thank-you notes.  I take the time to have meaningful conversations with those I talk to.  I try to bring my best and my creativity in all that I do. I don’t do little things well, but I am finding that in the long run I get a lot more done by working as a “little leader.”

How can you be a better “little leader” today?


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