Jubilee Blog: What is the Jubilee Conference?

I was invited to attend the Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. I will be blogging and tweeting my through it. It occurs to me that a number of people who read my blog have no idea what the Jubilee Conference is, so here is some background info.

Jubilee is a conference put on by the Coalition for Christian Outreach. This ministry, often called CCO, was started in 1971 as a ministry for college students. CCO tries to cooperate with churches and colleges to place staff members in the position to work with college age students. Staff often raises all or part of their own support while the church or university covers the remaining amount. CCO staff is involved on campuses doing things like Bible studies, international ministry students, outdoor education (where I have the most experience with their staff members), athletic ministries, and all kinds of other things. I have worked with and been friends with a number of current and former staff and I have the utmost of respect for how this organization forms the faith of its staff. (Check out more history at http://www.ccojubilee.org/about-us/our-history/)

jubilee cco

Jubilee is the annual gathering for CCO students. For 38 years, thousands of college kids from schools with a CCO presence converge on Pittsburgh, PA. This year has over 50 speakers in workshops on all kinds of important topics. Some of them include: faith and science, human sexuality, international ministry, seminary, writing, art and faith… The list goes on and on. When I look at the list, I can’t help but be amazed. There is a workshop for just about every area of life that a college student could consider applying their faith.

I have never been to Jubilee but I have heard from friends in CCO how much fun it is. I am excited to see that in action. Bob Goff is speaking. His book Love Does was a very fun read and he will be excellent. There will also be a superb bookstore put together by Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Books. http://www.heartsandmindsbooks.com/

I am going to have fun. I am praying it is a time of refreshment for me personally as well. I think I am only nervous about one thing: feeling old!

I will be Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging my way through it. You can follow me/friend me
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Check out info on the conference at http://www.jubileeconference.com/
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