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Jordan has run a ropes course and has been doing experiential worships, staff training, retreats, and training events for years.

What is Experiential Education?


Experiential education is learning by using activities to help a group learn and retain what they learn.  It can include portable activities, ropes courses and climbing walls.  It can also include adventure activities such as hiking, biking, sailing, canoeing, mountaineering… but Jordan does not work in these areas.  The process is to design the workshop based on the group needs and context of the workshop, run the activities safely, and ask processing questions to draw lessons out. It can be done with small groups, large groups, and even large groups broken into smaller teams.  It can include didactic teaching or be purely experiential.  The experience can be designed around specific lessons or can be more focused on whatever comes out of the experience.

Workshops on Teambuilding and Leadership Development

Experiential education can be done for fun like most camps and retreat centers do.  But it can also be a tool for group and individual growth if handled with the proper care.  Jordan has designed workshops to engage specific group challenges such as cultural conflict, frustration, communication issues, ect.  Other lessons include life skills, character development, anti-bullying, and simply creating team cohesion.  Jordan has done these kinds of experiences for school groups, at-risk-youth, teachers, athletic teams, and corporate teams.


Jordan has led retreats that are interactive and experiential around vision, strategic planning, training on key skills or topics, discussion and discernment about a big decisions, and spiritual renewal.

Staff Training and Conference Workshops

Jordan has done staff training, conference workshops, and team building events on a number of topics.  These include getting the most out of your groups, sequencing, new activities, adapting activities, expanding your briefs (pre-briefs and debriefs), group dynamics, reading a group, and how groups form.




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