This Sunday I started a sermon series inspired by the work of Brennan Manning.  I have not planned the series.  I am just returning to some of the great stuff from Brennan that has inspired and shaped my faith.  This past Sunday I preached about how much God loves us.  You can listen to the sermon HERE.  This blog is from that sermon.


Do you have any idea how much God loves you?

God loves you as you are and not as you should be.

God’s love is not an investment in what you could be because you will never be what you could be.

God’s love is not based on you at all.  It is based on his own love.

Paul says that God’s love is unknowable.

God knows every bad thing you have done and still love you.

God loved you from before time began.

God calls you a son or daughter and in you he is well pleased

If you were a lost sheep, God would leave the 99 and venture out into the wilderness to rescue you.

If you were a leper, God would touch you and make you well.

If you were a prostitute, God would save your life and forgive you.

If you have run away from God, he will run to you and throw a banquet for you.

If you lived your whole life for yourself and then became a Christian, you still get the same payment as the workers who had worked the whole time.

If you feel like an outcast in society then know that Jesus accepts you like he did so many outcast people that he sat at a table and at with during his earthly ministry.

If you have had a rough and colorful past then you are in good company. All of Jesus’ best friends are like that.

Jesus died on a cross for you- not humanity in general, but you in particular.

In fact, if you were the only person in the world Jesus still would have gone to the cross for you because he would rather die for you than live without you.

God holds you in his arms and with a perfect love says, “I love you and you are mine.”

God is absolutely crazy about you!


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