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Jordan’s father, Jim Rimmer, is a certified church consultant through the Society of Church Consultants. He runs Help to Grow Church Consulting.  They specialize in consulting and leading retreats for small churches looking to turn around.

Jim Rimmer is a retiring Presbyterian minister.  He has spent his career helping declining or struggling churches.  Most of his pastorates have been turn-around situations, but he has also helped a number of other churches.

Here are a couple of examples of the kind of work that Help to Grow Church Consulting does.

A small church in Erie, PA got put together through denominational paths with Pastor Jim.  They were struggling with diminishing numbers, burned out leadership, and a very different neighborhood then what the church was used to.  Jim’s work with the church began with an extensive survey process. Written surveys were done by most of the church members.  These were followed by a series of interviews.  At the same time, Jim did his own assessment of facilities, neighborhood, and church history.  The process concluded with a weekend retreat.  Most of the leadership of the church was there.  Jim presented the findings of the surveys with the church and led them through a series of discussions about the future of their church.  Through the event, the church’s attitude moved from depression to hope.

The board of a local camp had seen a number of financial struggles.  They were facing expensive updates at the camp which needed to be done for the camp to remain open.  All this while camper costs were going up and camping numbers where going down.  Jordan and Jim were brought in to do a visioning retreat.  They led games and and discussions around the importance of vision.  Not only did the retreat work to identify the problems, but the board began to focus productively on where they want to be in the future.

Jim presented at the Wee Kirk Conference in Western PA in 2013.  He looked at the current situation in our world today and what it means for small churches in the future.

Jim and Jordan are available for consulting, retreats, and keynotes.  If you would like to find out more about Help to Grow Church Consulting, you can email Jordan at


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