God for whom a year is but a moment, I thank You for this new year.  I thank You that I get this gift of life for another year.  For another chance to serve You.  The year past was filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, smiles and frowns.  I thank You for being with us.  The New Year is filled with giant possibilities to be excited about and scared of.  I thank You that You already know what is coming.

I pray for a sense of newness in the New Year.  Let it be a fresh start for me.  Help me to do things I have left undone, to reconcile old relationships, and to make great new friendships.  I also pray for a sense of oldness in the New Year.   Help me to connect with an ancient faith, to be guided by Your Word, and to be a little more old-fashioned in a world that is far too fast paced.

I pray for big things in the New Year.  Please do impossible, giant, and world changing things.  Shake up social issues, overturn financial crises, and rock lives that seemed un-rockable.  I also pray for little things in the New Year.  Do all kinds of ordinary, everyday, and simple things in our live.  Give me eyes to see Your daily grace for me.

Help me to know You better and follow You more closely in 2015.  May You- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- receive all the glory in all my life and world.  Amen.



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