A Letter to a College Student who Attended Jubilee

Dear college student who attended Jubilee,

First of all I want to say thanks for your commitment to Christ and your excitement about life. Being around you really inspired me and my faith. You helped restore my hope for the future of the Christian faith.

StageI love your optimistic outlook on life, but I would caution you to not be too idealistic. If you are too idealistic then you are going to get the wind knocked out of you. Life happens. Health concerns and tragedy derail well planned things. Please remember that God made the world “good” and then invited Adam and Eve to play a part in making it better. I’ll be honest—I don’t think there is a perfect spouse or a perfect job out there for you. Never be willing to settle for anything other than God’s will, but also be willing to go wherever God sends you. It will probably not be perfect. Opportunities come dressed in work clothes. Great things don’t fall into your lap. They take time.

Please hear me—there is no perfect church out there either. I am sorry that the church has not had the vigorous theology or the vibrant faith that you have been exposed to at a place like Jubilee. In fact, the church can be full of judgmental and mean people. I am sorry that the organ music does not have the wow factor of the worship at a place like Jubilee. But the church is still God’s bride even as ugly as it can be. Jesus says the gates of Hell can’t prevail against the church. (Mt 16:18) Jesus so identifies with the church that when He stops Paul on the way to persecute Christians that Jesus asks, “Why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:4) Don’t give up on the church—especially the traditional churches. Decide that you are going to go somewhere and help make it better. We need your voice. We need your energy. We need your ideas.

Never stop growing in your faith. Most big things in life are accomplished by inches for the long haul. Have patience. It is great to head to a mountaintop experience like Jubilee to get closer to God, but real life is lived in the valley. Real faith is developed on boring days and in normal experiences.

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Continue to think deeply and don’t get stuck. Every generation starts with energy but stops along the way. Just think about your parents fashion styles or musical choices. We all have a tendency to stop trying new things and stop growing as get older. Have a long term perspective. Keep growing. Keep going deeper in your theology. In your whole lifetime you will never be able to plumb the depths of who God is. Make every effort to try.

Finally, follow Jesus wherever He leads you. I want you to be great leaders and have a big impact on the world, but you need to remember that in the Christian faith we lead by following. Have the focus to always be discerning God’s will and the boldness to go where God leads you even when it does not make a lot of sense to the world.

Blessings wherever God takes you,

Pastor Jordan Rimmer


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