A Big Thank-You to Pastors

I came across this piece by Rebecca Barlow Jordan in the book Pastors at Greater Risk and thought of so many great people that I privileged to call colleagues and friends in ministry. May you not just survive the work but do so with joy:

God gave them tender hearts, to hold the hurts of others.
He gave them gentle hands, to reach out with compassion and love.
God gave them eyes, to see the beauty and worth of a single soul.
He gave them feet, to move swiftly, to pursue justice, restoration and peace.
God laid His hand upon them—and breathed hope into their spirits.
He filled them with His strength and placed a message of urgency around their lives.
God challenged them to greater works than He had ever done.
Then, with His own hand of blessing, He wrapped them up in His mantle of love…and called them pastors.
–Rebecca Barlow Jordan


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