5 Things to Remember as the Holidays Approach

Christmas is upon us. Wow, that came fast. As we move into the holidays, let me remind you of five things:

  1. Invite someone to church. This is the time of year where people are most likely to visit a church. Statistics show that a good statistical number of people would consider going to church if someone they knew invited them. So…invite them.
  2. Welcome people to church. This is the time of year when we get more guests. Ask them questions about themselves. Be kind. Be welcoming. Forgive them if they sit in your seat.
  3. Remember those who have a “blue Christmas.”   While Christmas is a celebration for many, it is a painful reminder for others of those who have been lost, of empty chairs at the family gatherings, and of stocking that do not need placed over the fireplace anymore.
  4. Pray for your church in this time. December is very busy. We do get new visitors. Ii is also the most important financial month of the year as people give end-of-the-year gifts to the church. A good December can mean a lot to the overall spiritual and financial health. Pray for God’s blessings this December.
  5. Don’t forget Advent. Advent (Latin for coming) is the period of waiting and expectation that leads up until Christmas. Traditionally, no Christmas carols were sung until after Christmas. Instead, the church sang Advent hymns that are slow and solemn—often written in minor keys. That way when Christmas finally came you could be excited. It was a time of reflecting on our need for Jesus who came as a baby, comes into our lives, and will someday come again. Take some time to get into the Advent spirit before you get into the Christmas spirit. It will make your Christmas so much sweeter.

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