Yesterday I turned 33 years old. Here are 33 things I have been thinking about.

  1. Kids grow up way to fast.
  2. The metaphors you use will shape your life.
  3. Be intentional about the music you listen to. It is the soundtrack of your life.
  4. It is not as important as I thought it was to keep up on the latest shows and movies.
  5. Keeping up on some shows and movies can be a great escape.
  6. Hobbies can be important for keeping your sanity.
  7. The older I get the harder it is to take care of my body and the more important it is.
  8. Sometimes you really need to take a day off that is actually off.
  9. Emergencies and crises will come. They are not surprises. So try to never be too behind on anything.
  10. Some days you simply survive and that is ok.
  11. Some days the best you can do is not very good and that is ok.
  12. Keeping a good to-do list can keep your sanity.
  13. Sometimes the most important things to do is not on your to-do list.
  14. If you are not intentional in your relationships they will become distant- with people and with God.
  15. The best friends are the ones who can see your house messy and who you can go without seeing for a while and then connect like nothing ever happened.
  16. If life is a story then most people are living boring ones.
  17. Some people need alcohol to cut loose and be goofy. Life is more fun when you can get like that all by yourself.
  18. Computers are good for some things, but they are not the best things for creativity or relationships.
  19. Time spent reading is rarely time wasted.
  20. Money spent on books is rarely money wasted.
  21. Energy spent with someone different than you are is rarely energy wasted.
  22. You can learn something from anything if you are trying.
  23. No matter who signs your paychecks, you work for God at You Inc.
  24. Laugher is life’s WD-40. Shared stories are life’s duct tape.
  25. You need friends that will give you lots of grace and friends that will give you really direct truth. Keep friends close that can do both well.
  26. The Bible has a ton to say about how life works and is worth the effort to study it.
  27. Take seriously the space in which you work. The space can shape the result.
  28. I run out of energy way before I run out of time.
  29. Never underestimate the power of a good conversation, a good meal, a craft beer, or a good cigar to set your thinking straight.
  30. Marriage is not work. It is an adventure. Lean into it.
  31. God has given each person a unique message and mission in this world. It would be a shame to be too busy to miss it.
  32. Change is a part of life. That does not mean we always like it, but we should learn to expect it.
  33. Of all the skills I think people are most in need of today, the #1 in my mind is discerning God’s will.

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